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All personal and worldly problems, suffering, and impoverishment are the result of a lack of knowledge of The Sacred Science of who we are as divine beings with all godlike qualities, abilities and powers and how to manifest your heart’s desires.

Grand Master Mentoring is a spiritually centered teaching based on Ancient Wisdom of the Ages that contains sacred, tried and true knowledge, answers and solutions for one's happiness, prosperity, spiritual progress, loving relationships, vitality, and life's work.

You may email me, [email protected], for a day and time for you to give me a phone call, so we can discuss your interests and how the mentoring empowers and enriches works for you and your goals and objectives.

With Terry Cole-Whittaker, as your personal empowerment and enrichment facilitator, you receive Dr. Terry's experience as a best-selling author; entrepreneur; teacher of Metaphysics and Ancient Vedic Wisdom and Mysticism, creator of a mega church and International Emmy-winning television program and ministry; Life's work career and prosperity strategist, team-builder, world-class motivational speaker, PR and advertising expert; Counselor to the “Stars”; mother; in-depth spiritual seeker and researcher of the great teachings for our liberation, ascension, and limitless expression and creativity.

Dr. Terry's students have become best-selling authors, accomplished musicians and artists, entrepreneurs, Spiritual leaders, healing facilitators, nature lovers, and fully realized and actualized divine beings.

Two mentoring programs available: Personal and Professional, including certification as a minister, empowerment facilitator, and to teach from Dr. Terry's books.

Dr. Terry has trained and ordained more than 40 ministers, and numerous spiritual mind healer practitioners, spiritual psychologists and therapists, and empowerment and enrichment facilitators, and countless numbers of persons who are living their ideal life, and endeavoring for the well being, happiness, and prosperity of all.

Dr. Terry partners with you in creating your program to suit you, your talents, desires, time available, and your mission and heart’s desires.

How the program works: You are in regular contact with Dr. Terry by phone or SKYPE or in person for sessions that work for your specific needs, time available, and heart's desires.

You receive Dr. Terry’s Library of teachings on 55 CDs and MP3, her 125 page essential Spiritual and Material Riches Workbook with 6 programs; 21 Days to Personal Riches, Weight loss & Vitality, Prosperity, Discovering and Prospering from Your Life’s Mission, Personal-worth, and Clearing of Barriers and blockages. You receive 10% reduction in tuition for retreats and any Adventures in Enlightenment sponsored events.

Dr. Terry always offers partial scholarships when needed.

Please read Dr. Terry’s bio and qualifications here: terrainBiography. emailEmail Dr Terry

Are you ready to let go of limiting beliefs, self-sabotage, unworthiness & fear & attain your heart’s desires for happiness, prosperity, loving relationships, love of Self & the actualization of your Godlike powers of manifestation? If you answer is YES! This is for YOU!

"Terry Cole-Whittaker’s wisdom and her gentle, joyful guidance changed my life — and they can change yours as well, right from the pages of this book."
— Neale Donald Walsch, author of Conversations with God

Live Your Bliss
Published by New World Library
at Amazon

"Live Your Bliss delivers profound truths in a very accessible manner. It’s high time that more attention be focused on bliss, which Terry rightly describes as the intrinsic nature of every soul. Terry is a wise woman who has written the most important book of her life."
— Steven Halpern, award-winning composer, recording artist, and pioneering sound healer

"Terry is a master of manifestation....If there were just one book to pick up this year on manifesting your dreams, this is that book."
— Dr. Eric Pearl, author of the international bestseller The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself

"In this wonderful book, Terry Cole-Whittaker...takes us on a powerful journey of the heart in which we come to understand the role each of us plays in creating the life — and the world — we long to live in, the one perfectly designed to help us live in happiness, fulfillment, and bliss."
— John E. Welshons, author of One Soul, One Love, One Heart and Awakening from Grief
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