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Adventures in Enlightenment providing assistance to individuals for self-realization and empowerment; Teaching and mentoring, providing physical things where appropriate, like food and tools to improve one's life. With students, guiding them as they pursue goals and desires, holistically, with community, devotional service.

Greetings Spiritual Seeker, By learning and applying the knowledge that I have dedicated by life to share with others, I have attained all of my heart’s desires. My life’s mission is to share the knowledge that when applied gives the benefits of material well-being, as well as spiritual and extrasensory abilities, powers, and qualities. My love of knowledge has made me a dedicated researcher, student, teacher, author and counselor. I feel so grateful that I was able to live in India and study from the Mystic Masters Of The Far East.

My 80‘s Emmy winning, International Television Ministry “With Love. Rev. Terry” reached millions and has spawned countless numbers of people to pursue a life of teaching, Life-coaching, and healing. You may view a few of these TV shows on my Youtube channel.

In my books, I offer the findings of my research, my own experiences, and step by step practices that anyone can use to attain what she or he desires. These best-selling books include: What You Think Of Me Is None Of My Business; NY TIMES #1 How to Have More in a Have Not World; Inner Path from Where You are to Where You Want to Be; Love and Power in a World Without Limits, A Woman's Guide To The Goddess Within; Dare To Be Great; Live Your Bliss.

In 1985 at the height of my worldly success as a television minister teaching metaphysics, I realized that something important was missing from my teaching. After a profound revelation, I turned my ministry over to the persons I had trained as ministers, and left that world behind to set out on a spiritual vision quest around the world to the various holy sites and the study of the ancient texts including, but not limited to, the Gnostics and Gaia/Sophia, Native American spirituality, and the sacred teachings of the Puranas (The Cream Of Vedic literature).

I realized that there are only two paths: misery and happiness. Unfortunately, what we perceive happening in the world is the result of most people pursuing misery in their attempts to be happy. Knowledge exists for attaining whatever we desire, only the person must have an open mind and let go of limiting beliefs, religious and cultural fear-based programming, and the compulsion to be approved of by others.

My message is: There is a path of supreme happiness and prosperity where all our spiritual and material needs are met, and whatever we desire that is also for the benefit of all living entities, comes to us effortlessly and joyfully. Our nature as spirit-souls, children of a Divine Mother Father Source, is eternity, consciousness, and bliss (sat-chitananda). My work is for your eternal well-being and for you to know and be who you are with all god-like powers, qualities, and abilities.

Because of my years of dedicated research and studies and the application of this knowledge as proven in my personal relationships, health, career, prosperity, self-awareness, talents, and the success of my students who have also prospered, become world-renowned authors, teachers, healers, entertainers, artists, spiritual leaders, and entrepreneurs, it is my pleasure to serve, teach, and mentor others who also desire to attain the topmost possible.

“You cannot solve problems by the same belief system that created them.” I invite you to expand your awareness beyond fear, lack and what you may have been taught to believe is true, but false. Enter into the divine realm by fully activating your divine intelligence and mind. Allow spiritual magic to effortlessly solve all problems and gift you with the pleasure and magnificence of your Self.

I offer books, phone counseling and mentoring sessions, inspirational talks and courses, written materials, audios, videos, retreats, my Lifetime Grand Master Program and Professional certification programs for ministerial degrees, empowerment facilitators (coaching and spiritual counseling). and certification for teaching from my books and courses.

With love, Dr. Terry

PS. Click on the site links to receive info on how I can personally work with you through counseling, the Lifetime Grand Master Program, Mt Shasta Retreats and the certification program. Any questions please feel free to Email me.

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"Terry Cole-Whittaker’s wisdom and her gentle, joyful guidance changed my life — and they can change yours as well, right from the pages of this book."
— Neale Donald Walsch, author of Conversations with God

Live Your Bliss
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"Live Your Bliss delivers profound truths in a very accessible manner. It’s high time that more attention be focused on bliss, which Terry rightly describes as the intrinsic nature of every soul. Terry is a wise woman who has written the most important book of her life."
— Steven Halpern, award-winning composer, recording artist, and pioneering sound healer

"Terry is a master of manifestation....If there were just one book to pick up this year on manifesting your dreams, this is that book."
— Dr. Eric Pearl, author of the international bestseller The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself

"In this wonderful book, Terry Cole-Whittaker...takes us on a powerful journey of the heart in which we come to understand the role each of us plays in creating the life — and the world — we long to live in, the one perfectly designed to help us live in happiness, fulfillment, and bliss."
— John E. Welshons, author of One Soul, One Love, One Heart and Awakening from Grief
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