Spiritual Counseling, Empowerment, Healing, and Enrichment sessions with Dr. Terry
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Counseling & Empowerment sessions with Dr. Terry.

Adventures in Enlightenment Empowerment, Spiritual Healing, and Enrichment Programs with Dr. Terry Cole-Whittaker as your personal spiritual teacher, counselor, therapist, mentor and support system for your ever-increasing good fortune in every area of your life. Read Dr. Terry's Bio on site.

Spiritual Counseling, Empowerment, Healing, and Enrichment sessions with Dr. Terry by the phone or in person at Mount Shasta, CA. Email Dr. Terry terry@terr ll ycolewhittaker.com to schedule your appointment.

$98. For one hour session.

How this works: You pick the day and time and then you receive the phone number to call and have your personal session. Dr. Terry resides in the Pacific time zone. You can use Paypal button on website for your donation or PayPal, or send a check to Adventures in Enlightenment PO 235 Mount Shasta, CA 96067 [email protected]. You can receive a discount for Multiple sessions, ask Terry

For information about other offerings for your empowerment, enrichment, and spiritual work click the links for Workshop/Retreats; Grand Master Mentoring; and Classes and Courses at Mount Shasta.

Give up suffering, lack, and limitation and accept your good, now.


For interest in any of Dr. Terry’s programs: email me and we will set up a day and time for you to ask your questions and discuss your particular heart’s desires.

"Every time I listen to Terry, my life gets better."
— Mike Hudzinski-Entrepreneur

Live Your Bliss
Published by New World Library
at Amazon

"Live Your Bliss delivers profound truths in a very accessible manner. It’s high time that more attention be focused on bliss, which Terry rightly describes as the intrinsic nature of every soul. Terry is a wise woman who has written the most important book of her life."
— Steven Halpern, award-winning composer, recording artist, and pioneering sound healer

"Terry is a master of manifestation....If there were just one book to pick up this year on manifesting your dreams, this is that book."
— Dr. Eric Pearl, author of the international bestseller The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself

"In this wonderful book, Terry Cole-Whittaker...takes us on a powerful journey of the heart in which we come to understand the role each of us plays in creating the life — and the world — we long to live in, the one perfectly designed to help us live in happiness, fulfillment, and bliss."
— John E. Welshons, author of One Soul, One Love, One Heart and Awakening from Grief
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